Northwest Saddlebred Association

2015 Futurity

Dear American Saddlebred Breeder:

The Northwest Saddlebred Association Futurity invites your nominations. I am hopeful that we will see an even larger increase in, not only, nominations but also the number of young horses shown at the Fall Classic. Our Futurity Board has made some exciting changes to our nomination and In Hand Class procedures and we are looking forward to year of renewed motivation for our breeders and participants. Our popular Futurity Calendar will once again serve as a viable fundraiser to help increase the amount of prize money paid out to participants.


Please note that each 2015 weanling’s sire and dam must be nominated. Sire and dam nominations are only required for weanlings, however, sires and dams must be re-nominated in each year that they have eligible weanlings nominated.  The weanling owner is responsible for making sure that the foal’s sire and dam are properly nominated.  Typically, stallion owners are happy to pay futurity nomination fees.


For weanlings only, it is not necessary that nominated foals be registered prior to nomination; indeed, in some instances, nominated foals may not yet have been born by the deadline.  However, all weanlings that are shown must be registered prior to showing and all must be registered by December 31st to be eligible to be nominated next year.


Enclosed are separate nomination forms for the Open and the Amateur Futurity divisions. These are completely separate pools. Mares, stallions and foals need to be nominated separately to each with the corresponding fees paid to each. If you choose to nominate to both futurities, and the Futurity Board encourages you to do so, you will need to send in two separate checks as the funds may not be commingled. Nomination forms are also available at the NWSA website:  www.NWSaddlebreds.org and the NWSA Facebook Page. The nomination deadline is June 15, 2015 and nomination forms need to be postmarked within the 10 day grace period.  The Futurity Board would like to make every effort to encourage continued breeding of American Saddlebreds in the Pacific Northwest. In light of the difficult economic conditions, please contact me if you require a flexible payment schedule to participate.




Allison Deardorff

NWSA Futurity Secretary



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